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Why dotOrg

We are...

Listeners vs. Preachers

We’re active listeners before we give advice.

No successful strategies are made without fully understanding the needs behind the needs.

Outsiders vs. Insiders

Because we touch multiple nonprofits, we’re unbiased without political skin in the game. This allows us to discover opportunities through a unique lens, solely focused on the success of the organization.

Understanding vs. Rote

dotOrg Momentum has been where you are, working directly for a nonprofit, so we have a true understanding of the dreams, challenges and day-to-day processes within this industry. We have also been on the vendor side. This well-rounded understanding helps us deeply serve our clients.

Discovery Makers vs. Assumption Makers

With more than 30 years in the nonprofit industry, we’ve seen that in many cases, service providers do not spend enough time learning about the organizations they work with. Our strategies and services are never based on assumptions we draw from previous client experiences. We start each relationship with a brand new slate, helping to assure your solutions are tailored to your specific needs, garnering the greatest success outcomes.

Bold vs. Placating

Our goal is to be a true partner; empowering your organization to reach incredible new heights. This means that at some points in our partnership, we may have uncomfortable or difficult conversations. We’re not going to avoid those because the growth, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability they yield is worth the discomfort and complete transparency. Every. Time.

Image by Vlad Kutepov

We sustain missions.

This. This is the bottom line. Each time we work together, our goal will be to create strategies, growth, and processes that sustain your organization’s mission. It is, after all, the reason your organization exists. To continue to succeed and make a positive impact in the world for your amazing cause.

We discover opportunities.

This is what sets dotOrg Momentum apart from other nonprofit consulting firms. We specialize in deep, deep digging and discovery vs. light discovery and gut strategies based on previous client experience and assumptions. We ask intelligent questions to see between the lines and we develop strategies only when we truly understand the specific needs of your organization.


Discovering opportunities to become more efficient, more effective, raise more money, strategize organizational development then be able to analyze and replicate the successes is our specialty.

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