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Each dotOrg Momentum strategy is holistically and thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of your organization; a beautiful cross section of careful listening, deep discovery, organizational data mining, social science, and experienced nonprofit know-how.


We would be honored to partner with you to sustain your mission and keep the momentum going!


Fundraising Strategy

Whether your fundraising strategy could use a new spark of life, improvement in donor retention, or your funding seems to have hit a plateau, dotOrg Momentum can help!


Drawing on decades of experience, we help to discover fundraising opportunities and develop strategies that deliver results. In most cases, the increased fundraising results, alone, more than cover the cost of the consulting contract. Best of all, the learned strategies can be duplicated to continue sustainable outcomes.


Organizational Development

Since the 2008 recession, nonprofits have been running with far more hats than heads. We’ve experienced being in this position firsthand, so we understand the pains that can come with board challenges and organizational politics.


We’re able to step in and become one more head to wear multiple hats—without having political skin in the game. This allows us to see through a different lens and provide effective strategies to pull your teams together and work more efficiently to live out your mission.

Org Development

Vendor Relations

While vendors can be an integral part of your growth strategy, at times it can seem like they’re speaking a different language. We’ve been on the vendor side as well as the nonprofit side—so we’re multi-lingual and can help you interpret the best solutions for your specific needs.

Vendor Relations
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